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hamster::charting::Chart Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Chart constructor. Optional arguments:
    orient_vertical = [True|False] - Chart orientation.
                                     Defaults to vertical
    max_bar_width = pixels - Maximal width of bar. If not specified,
                             bars will stretch to fill whole area
    values_on_bars = [True|False] - Should bar values displayed on each bar.
                                    Defaults to False
    collapse_whitespace = [True|False] - If max_bar_width is set, should
                                         we still fill the graph area with
                                         the white stuff and grids and such.
                                         Defaults to false
    stretch_grid = [True|False] - Should the grid be of fixed or flex
                                  size. If set to true, graph will be split
                                  in 4 parts, which will stretch on resize.
                                  Defaults to False.
    animate = [True|False] - Should the bars grow/shrink on redrawing.
                             Animation happens only if labels and their
                             order match.
                             Defaults to True.
    legend_width = pixels - Legend width in pixels. Will keep you graph
                            from floating horizontally

    Then there are some defaults, you can override:
    default_grid_stride - If stretch_grid is set to false, this allows you
                          to choose granularity of grid. Defaults to 50
    animation_frames - in how many steps should the animation be done
    animation_timeout - after how many miliseconds should we draw next frame

Definition at line 80 of file charting.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def plot

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Private Member Functions

def _area_chart
def _bar_chart
def _draw_bar
def _ellipsize_text
def _expose
def _get_factors
def _horizontal_bar_chart
def _invalidate
def _replot

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